Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Qscout?
    A Qscout is: One who quests for super, cool, outstanding, topography, or basically someone who wanders around and finds neat stuff and wants to share it with the world.

  • What does a QScout do?
    In an everlasting effort to enrich the lives of others, a QScout braves the world to lay down Qingxit.

  • What is a Qingxit?
    A Qingxit is a digital marker that a brave QScout lays down to mark a place or location and what is neat at that location. A Qingxit contains a Global Positioning System (GPS) coordinate and a brief missive about what is at that coordinate. The missive must total about 140 characters or less. (Thank brave QScouts by laying down Qingxit of your own!)

  • What are QScout tools?
    The QScout tools are designed to aid the laying down of Qingxit. They are available through the Site and via the Android Market Place.

  • What does "laying down a Qingxit" mean?
    Laying down is the act of submitting a Qingxit, whether from the web site or from the Android QScoutTools app.

  • Will my Qingxit last forever and ever?
    No, due to a cool coolness rater based on a randomly generated number in a super complicated mathematical formula (almost as revolutionary as E=M(C)(C)) all markers will disappear at sometime in the future. Like life (or those initials you carved in the fence post), over time, everything must go away. If that Qingxit is that important then just think of how much fun you will have discovering that neat stuff all over again!

  • How do I become a QScout?
    Ask for an invite, here: Me, me, me! I want to join!

  • Does it cost anything to be a QScout?
    Not one red cent (or purple cent). But, it may cost you in time, sweat, and relationships. Remember being a QScout isn't just a (non-paying, potentially thankless) job, it's your duty!

  • What is the Android QScoutTools app for?
    The app is for the truly adventurous QScout who likes to lay down Qingxit while in the field. It provides the convenience of mobile submission and the wonder of instant gratification. Seriously, a real QScout is always in the field finding neat stuff to report back to others. So, get off that couch you potato and do some real scouting.

  • How do I use the app?
    You can download the app from the Android Marketplace. Look for QScoutTools. Install it and when you see something amazing open it up, select a category, type in a short description of WHAT (not who) is there, and click Submit to send it off. If you are on the go you can use the Lock Coord button to lock that location and you can type and send it off later.

  • Why don't you have an app that will work with Apple products?
    To put an app into the iTunes market costs lots of money and we are all poor college students. In the future, there is a new internet protocol that will allow a website to request GPS from a phone that we are looking into incorporating into our website ultimately this would allow means of laying down Qingxit from any mobile device Apple or otherwise (please stay tuned).

  • I can't get the website to work on my computer, what gives?
    There are a few things that could be going on. In your internet settings Javascript needs to be turned on for the maps to work properly. If that doesn't help, send us an email message with the browser name you are using and we will see if we can iron out the wrinkles.

  • *** Important Tip ***
    Don't use a Qingxit to announce your position to the world. That's lame for two reasons: if you are using the app everyone knows you are there and if you are entering it through the website then you aren't there and shouldn't say you are. Think WHAT, not who (if you're that into yourself, you should be on twitter, not here).

  • Does anyone really read these FAQs?
    If you've read this far, then feel free to answer this question yourself.