Why Register?

Why should I register as a QScout? I mean, I can lay down Qingxit without being registered right? So, what's the point of registering?

These are good questions. Yes, it's true you can lay down Qingxit without being a registered QScout, but you are missing so much more. See those links on the left under the "What You Can Do" heading? A registered QScout who is logged in has a bunch more links visible on the left and thus a bunch more things to do.

A registered QScout can:

  • Upon registering receive a FREE digital QScout insignia patch to show everyone you are an official QScout.
  • Author and get credit for Qingxit submits.
  • Earn digital QScout rank patches as your Qingxit laydowns accumulate. Start out as a Private and work your way toward First Ring General and beyond!
  • Build and edit their QScout profile.
  • Display and edit their Qingxit, including adding photo links to Qingxit.
  • Vote on others' Qingxit
  • Send electronic Qingxit postcards to friends.
  • Display stats on all their Qingxit.

In the future, a registered QScout will be able to:

  • Earn certificates and awards for their QScout activities.
  • Lay down private Qingxit, for only a select few to see.
  • Participate in Qingxit treasure hunts.
  • Other stuff, we cannot yet reveal (sorry)!

So, what are you waiting for? Me, me, me! I want to join! Good deal. You're making the right decision.